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It has always been a dream of mine to open a wellbeing centre that offers a multi- disciplinary approach to healthcare. Some of you may have heard the exciting news that we have now acquired a premises in Watton! This will allow us to provide even more services in addition to our current mobile massage service. To celebrate our opening in October we are offering £10 off your first massage booked in at the centre. This offer is also being extended to friends and family throughout October and November, so please pass on to anybody you know who might need a massage! Our incredible therapist Hannah, who many of you have met already, will now be staying on a permanent basis and working within the centre. We are accepting bookings already, so please call Jess to secure your slot (07795148852), and visit the new Ani-motions wellbeing centre. Find us at 2, Ventura House, Norwich Road, Watton. IP25 6JU. We can’t wait to show you round!

Save the date! Festive Grand opening party!

To celebrate the opening of our centre and to also show our appreciation of all of our clients, we are holding a grand opening and festive party. It would mean the world to us if you are able to make it and join us for drinks and nibbles at the centre on 3/12/22 from 2-4pm. Friends and family welcome. Invitations will be sent out shortly!

Watton carnival – Free assessments

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We are looking forwards to having a stand at Watton Carnival on Sunday 2nd October. If you are coming along then please pop over and say hello! We will be offering free assessments on the day and available to answer any questions. So spread the word, and if you know anybody who might be struggling with pain or discomfort, then send them our way for a check-up and advice.

Posture and neck pain 

As we approach Halloween you may find yourself sat carving out a pumpkin in preparation for the onslaught of trick or treaters. What might this have to do with neck pain you say? Our heads weigh a similar amount to a decent sized pumpkin. If you happen to have one at home this season it’s the perfect time for a little experiment. See the source imageIf you pick up a pumpkin with both hands and hold it against your chest it’s not too heavy is it? Now try again but this time pick up the pumpkin and hold it out in front of you at chest height with straight arms. It feels much heavier right? The same principle applies to our head and neck. Things we do daily can affect our posture. Common culprits such as desk work, driving and using mobile devices, can all cause our posture to change and our head starts to come forwards. This is due to a loss of curvature in the cervical spine of the neck. If we have good upright posture it’s much like holding the pumpkin close to our body. The neck doesn’t have to do much work. If, however the head starts to come forwards due to postural changes, then much like our arms when holding the pumpkin in front of us, our neck has to work a lot harder to support the weight. This in time will lead to muscle fatigue and Imbalances. This can then cause neck pain which can also be a big trigger for headaches. Things you can do to help include correct desk set up, making sure that mobile devices are at eye level in front of us and not sitting for long periods of time. Exercises and complementary treatment can be used to improve forward head posture and reduce the symptoms associated with it. Happy Halloween!

Newest team member

Will, Liliana and I would like to introduce Harriet Olivia Culmer (Hattie) born 27/6/22. We are all doing well and I will be starting to do some massage very soon – returning full time in January. Thank you for all the continued well wishes, I cannot wait to see everybody again!

Jess             07795148852      

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